Houses of Worship

Tipu Sultan Mosque, Dhuramtalah Street, Calcutta, 1832

St James Church, Circular Road, Calcutta, 1864

Armenian Church of the Holy Nazareth, Burrabazar, Calcutta, 1724

Saint Anne Church, Old Fort William, Calcutta, c1730

OMC 1880s
Old Mission Church (Kiernander’s Mission), Old Fort William, Calcutta, 1774

Portico of St John's Church, Calcutta1787
St. John’s Church, Tank Square, Calcutta, 1787

Gentoo Pagoda and House
Black Pagoda : Nabaratna Kali Temple (Gentoo Pagoda), Chitpore Road, Calcutta, 1787

Kali Temple, Kalighat : from its river side, 1809

Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary; or, Portuguese Church, Murgihata, Calcutta, 1826

Bathing Ghat Attached to Kali Temple, Kalighat, c1830

Church of the Sacred Heart d'Oyly_1848
Portuguese Church, Dharmatala Street, Calcutta, 1848

Dakshineshwar Temple – Calcutta, 1855

Samuel Bourne in c.1864. Located on the south-east corner of the Maidan, St. Paul's Cathedral was designed by Major W. N. Forbes, architect of the silver mint
St. Paul Cathedral, 1864

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Calcutta, 1865

The Cathedral and Bishop's Palace Calcutta-bourne-1875s
St. Paul Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, Calcutta,1875s

Kali Temple Bathing Ghat, Kalighat, 1887

Roman Catholic Church, Dhurrumtollah Street, 1910

Nakhoda Masjid, 1926

Pareshnath Jain Temple, Hatibagan, 1944

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