Private Residences

Old Customs House, Tank Square, Calcutta, c1758

Garden House of Mr Trinks, Garden Reach, 1795

Nob Kishen's nautch party
Nob Kishen’s Nautch Party, Shobha Bazar Rajbari, Calcutta, c1814 (?)

Bishop’s House, Chowringhee Road, Calcutta, 1849

The Cathedral and Bishop's Palace Calcutta-bourne-1875s
St. Paul Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, Calcutta,1875s

Chowringhee Road from No. IX Esplanade Row, 1848

Chowringhee – The Main European Residential Area, Calcutta, c1833

Chowringhee Road Plate 24
Mansions on Chowringhee Road, Calcutta, 1833

Bishop’s Palace – View of Chowringhee from the Verandah, 1828

General’s Tank, Chowringhee Road, c1833

Chowringhee Road. Ballard's Buildings
Ballard’s Buildings, Theatre Road, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c1833

Chowringhee Road. The Bishop's Palace
The Bishop’s Palace, Chowringhee Road, Calcutta, c1833

Two storey house in Cossipore, a northern suburb of Calcutta (Kolkata) - 1875
Two Storey House in Cossipore, 1875

Two Storey House in Cossipore with Porte-cochère in Front, 1875

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