Calcutta Rowing Club, Strand Road, Calcutta, 1858

BritishSailors playing eariestCricketIn India
Calcutta Cricket, Maidan, Calcutta, 1792

Royal Calcutta Golf Club. Tollygunge ( since 1910), 1829

Bengal Club House, Esplanade Row, Calcutta, 1833

Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Calcutta, 1845

Bengal Club, Calcutta. Chowringhee Road, Calcutta, 1850s

United Service Club, Calcutta, 1850s

Military Club House across the Dhurrumtollah Tank, Esplanade Row, Calcutta, 1851

Dalhousie Institute, Calcutta, 1865

Snap 2014-05-03 at 11.44.18
Tollygunge Club House, Tollygunge, Calcutta, c1895

Saturday Club, Wood Street, Calcutta, 1900

Calcutta Club, Calcutta, 1907

2 thoughts on “Clubs

  1. I have photo’s dating from 1880’s and need help with background. They are related to European Hooghley pilots living in Calcutta.


    1. Hello Rosie,
      I suggest you explore Internet resources for your objects using relevant keywords like, memoirs, letters, private papers, biography, obituary etc. There are websites relating to British Navy. You may find some links in FIBiS at For our purpose, the most important of resources is indeed the British Library holdings. My best wishes..


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