Refreshments Room, Eaden Gardens, Calcutta, c1870

Belgachhia Villa, Belgachhia, Calcutta, c1870

Cheetah Chasing A Deer, Barrackpore Park, c1802

Band Stand, Eaden Gardens, Calcutta, 1865

Botanical Garden, Shibpore, Calcutta, 1944

Banian Tree in Commissioner Grote’s Garden, Alipoor, c1850

Banyan Tree, Botanical Garden, Shibpore, Calcutta, 1860

Eden Garden, Calcutta, 1875

Banian Tree, Botanical Gardens, Calcutta, c1890′s

Curzon Garden, Calcutta, 1911

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    1. Thank you Gourishankar!
      I am glad that someone visited and appreciated my blog from Kerala. I visited your site PalakkadWalk. I like your photos. Wish you added more descriptive notes so that we may know Palakkad more intimately. Good luck!


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