Ferry Ghats, Harbors

Bengal Pilot Service on River Hooghly, c 1850s

View of Calcutta from Hooghly River by William Hodges. c1789
View of Calcutta from Hooghly River, c1789

Old Fort Ghat, Calcutta, c1787

Chandpal Ghat by James Baillie Fraser - 1826
Chandpal Ghat, Calcutta, c1814

Chandpal ChandpalGhat, Kolkata
Chandpal Ghat, Hooghly River, Calcutta, c1912

বাবু ঘাট, কলকাতা, ১৮৫১
Babu Ghat colonnade with the River Hooghly beyond. 1830

River Viewed from Esplanade

Town and Port of Calcutta,1848.The tree in the centre conveniently divides the view into the Esplanade with its grand buildings, on the right, and the ships on the Hooghly river, on the left. The whole scene portrays the liveliness and prosperity of Calcutta at the time.  A coloured lithograph by Sir Charles D'Oyly.
Town and Port of Calcutta,1848

Prinsep’s Ghat, 1843

Calcutta River View, with Sailing Ships, 1890s

River View, with sailing ships, 1890s

View of shipping from Hastings' Bridge -BourneX
View of Shipping from Hastings’ Bridge, 1860s

Princep Ghat, Calcutta
Princep’s Ghaut, Calcutta, c1843

Shipping in the Hooghly near Fort, Calcutta, 1850

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