Roads & Localities

Sailors Home on StrandRoadx
Sailor’s Home, Strand Road, Calcutta, c1870s

View of the Lal Bazaar and Portuguese Chapel, Calcutta, 1826

Lall Bazar, Calcutta, 1826

Bazaar on the Chitpore Road, Calcutta, 1826

Writers Buildings - Calcutta (Kolkata) 1885
Writers’ Buildings, Tank Square, Calcutta, 1786

Garden House of Mr Trinks, Garden Reach, 1795

Russel St. Chowringhee Calcutta--Artist- James, Marianne Jane -1828
Russel Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, 1828

Gentoo Pagoda and House
Black Pagoda : Nabaratna Kali Temple (Gentoo Pagoda), Chitpore Road, Calcutta, 1787

Garden Reach, Calcutta, 1798

Bishop’s House, Chowringhee Road, Calcutta, 1849

Telegraph Office, Hare Street, Dalhousie Square, 1878

HareStreet 019PHO0000897S1U00022000[SVC2]
Hare Street looking towards the River, Calcutta, 1878

Old Court House Street, Calcutta, 1850s

Old Court House Street looking south, Calcutta, 1865

Military Club House across the Dhurrumtollah Tank, Esplanade Row, Calcutta, 1851

Bengal Club House, Esplanade Row, Calcutta, 1833

Snap 2013-10-21 at 14.21.53
Espanade Row Near The Dhurrumtollah Tank, Calcutta, 1851

Proclamation of the Queen’s rule in India, Calcutta 1st November, 1858

The Cathedral and Bishop's Palace Calcutta-bourne-1875s
St. Paul Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, Calcutta,1875s

Red Road with Fort William over Horizon, Calcutta, 1870

Chowringhee Road from No. IX Esplanade Row, 1848

Chowringhee – The Main European Residential Area, Calcutta, c1833

Jaun Bazaar Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c1833

Elliot’s Tank. Harrington Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c1833

Manohur Doss’s Tank, Chowringhee Road. 1833

Bishop’s Palace – View of Chowringhee from the Verandah, 1828

Chowringhee Theatre, Theatre Road, Chowringhee, 1833

General’s Tank, Chowringhee Road, c1833

Chowringhee Road. Ballard's Buildings
Ballard’s Buildings, Theatre Road, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c1833

Chowringhee Road. The Bishop's Palace
The Bishop’s Palace, Chowringhee Road, Calcutta, c1833

Chowringhee Road. Speke Street
Sudder Dewany Adawlut, Speke Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c 1833

Chowringhee Road – Park Street - Wood
Asiatic Society on Park Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c1833

Middleton Street, Cowringhee, Calcutta, c1830

Muhurram Procession, Calcutta, c1912

A View of Tank Square (Lal Dighi) Calcutta (Kolkata), from the West by James Baillie Fraser 1826
A View of Tank Souare, Calcutta, 1826

EDW091193145  01
Chitpore – A Busy Street Scene In Calcutta, 1858

Burra Bazar, 1850s

Sudder Street, Calcutta
Sudder Street, Calcutta, c1920

Burra Bazar – The Corner of Harrison Street and Strand Road, 1945

Chowringhee Road, 1865

Esplanade Row, 1874

Old Court House Street, 1865

From Nahkoda Mosque on street activity Calcutta 1944. Note brick blast walls to protect from potential bomb damage
Chitpore – Street activities From Nahkoda Mosque, 1944

Strollers along the Esplanade, 1878

Esplanade Row, Chowringhee, Calcutta: a Panoramic View, 1833

Chowringhee Road – Middleton Street - Wood
View of Chowringhee Road and Middleton Street, 1833

Roman Catholic Church, Dhurrumtollah Street, 1910

View in Clive Street, 1848

Mode of Watering the Streets of Calcutta, 1858

Mehtas, or street sweepers of Calcutta, 1860

Clive Street, 1892

Chitpore Road, 1851

Strand Road on Hooghly River in Calcutta 1860s

Panoramic View of Chowringhee Road and Maidan On Left, Calcutta, c1870

Old Court House Street, Calcutta, 1875

Burra Bazaar, Calcutta, 1880′s

European Quarter, Dalhousie Square North, Calcutta, 1922

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