Saint Andrews Church, Dalhousie Square, Calcutta, 1840-1850s

Panoramic View Of Chowringhee Road Across Maidan, Calcutta, 1868

Military Club House across the Dhurrumtollah Tank, Esplanade Row, Calcutta, 1851

Snap 2013-10-21 at 14.21.53
Espanade Row Near The Dhurrumtollah Tank, Calcutta, 1851

The Cathedral and Bishop's Palace Calcutta-bourne-1875s
St. Paul Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, Calcutta,1875s

Chowringhee Road from No. IX Esplanade Row, 1848

A View of Tank Square (Lal Dighi) Calcutta (Kolkata), from the West by James Baillie Fraser 1826
A View of Tank Souare, Calcutta, 1826

New Tank, Camac Street, Chowringhee, c1858

General’s Tank, Chowringhee Road, c1833

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Calcutta, 1865

Manohur Doss’s Tank, Chowringhee Road. 1833

Elliot’s Tank. Harrington Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c1833

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