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Money Currency Office, Dalhousie Square East, c1878

কারেন্সি আপিস, ডালহৌসি স্কোয়ার ঈস্ট, ১৮৪৭
This is a handsome three storied building founded in 1833 on the east side of Dalhousie Square. The above photograph shows the St. Andrew’s Church in the background. At first the building housed the Agra Bank. In 1868, when the Government occupied a large portion of it for its Currency Department, the building assumed its name, Currency Building. Actually it contained the Office of Issue and Exchange of Government Paper Currency. It was designed in Italian style, the walls were made of brick, the roof was arched on iron joist and the floor covered with marble and sandstone. A handsome gate at the entrance in three parts is of a very florid design in wrought iron. The Central Hall gets sunlight through skylights over-topping the large domes. The Central Hall and a row of exchange counters were used for notes gold, silver and other change. The Currency office has a vault of a massive masonry lime on its roof, walls and floor. The second floor is similarly designed and the then Assistant Commissioner in-charge of the Currency Building had his residence there. The rooms above are spacious and are paved with Italian marbles.
The view taken by an unknown photographer in the late 1870s