Town Hall, Calcutta,1813

TownHallinCalcuttaকলকাতা টাউন হল, ১৮১৩
Kolkata Town Hall was built 1813 by the architect Col. John Garstin, then the Chief Engineer of Calcutta. The cost of the construction was raised through a public lottery. The Roman Doric style two-storied building, which stood in a rectangular block with two porticos, supported by rows of pillars had suddenly became the centre-piece of attraction. The Town Hall remained in charge of the Government till 1864. Later that year, the charge was transferred to the Justices of the Peace.
The Town Hall is situated in Esplanade Row beside Wellesley’s Government House at 4 Esplanade Row (west). The Town Hall was used for meetings, official public functions, and entertainments that had previously been held either at the Old Court House, or at the Harmonica Tavern.

Uncoloured lithograph of The Town Hall in Calcutta by Frederick Fiebig dated c.1847.

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