Russel Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, 1828

রাসেল স্ট্রিটের দৃশ্য, কলকাতা, ১৮২৮
Russel Street in Chowringhee in Calcutta. Behind Bengal Club on Chowringhee Road, Russel Street runs north-south between Park Street and Middleton Street. The Street was named after Sir Henry Russel, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1806-1813.
Watercolour with pen and ink, dated 1828, by Marianne Jane James, the wife of the third Bishop of Calcutta.

Bishop’s Palace – View of Chowringhee from the Verandah, 1828

কলকাতা বিশপের বাসভবনের বারন্দা থেকে চৌরঙ্গির দৃশ্য, ১৮২৮
The Bishop’s Palace was situated at No.5 Russell Street from 1825 until 1849, in which time it housed four successive Bishops of Calcutta. The last of these, Bishop Wilson, built a new cathedral on the south-east corner of the Maidan and relocated the palace to a house opposite the cathedral. Marianne James, the artist of this work and wife of the third Bishop of Calcutta, wrote: ‘Our Palace … is a splendid house of 3 stories high with a delightful verandah to each storey entirely from one end of the house to the other on one side’.
Watercolour with pen and ink  by Marianne Jane James (b. 1805).