Old Court House Street, Calcutta, 1875


ওলড কোর্টহাউস স্ট্রীট, কলকাতার দৃশ্য, ১৮৭৫
Old Court House Street connects Esplanade Row (East). It acquired its name from the old court house, that was located where St. John’s Church now stands. The northern part of the stretch is known as Dalhousie Square (East). It was constructed around 1781, when the finishing touches were put to the new Fort William. It is linked with the name of Col. Henry Watson, who brought about many improvements in Calcutta, including the laying out of surrounding Esplanade. The Red Road is an extension of this street. Council House Street connects the western part of Dalhousie Square with Esplanade Row. The view of the St. John’s Church, and Great Eastern Hotel can be seen in the present location. Interestingly, the scene captured here is found an exact match in the photograph ‘Old Court House Street‘ –taken by Francis Frith in 1850s.
Detailed view of the Old Court House Street, Calcutta published in the magazine, The Graphic, in 1875.
A wood engravings by some unidentified European artist.

Military Parade on the Esplanade, c1858

এসপ্ল্যানেড চত্তরে ফৌজি কুচকাওয়াজ, c১৮৫৫?
A military parade on the Esplanade on the occasion of Proclamation of the Queen’s rule in India, Calcutta 1st November, 1858
a mid 19th Century watercolour by Thomas Allom