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Mutty Lall’s Bathing Ghat, 1840s

Mutty_Lal_Seal's_bathing_ghatমোতিলালের স্নানঘাট, ১৮৪০?
The view of Mutty Lall’s Bathing Ghat
Called after the name of Babu Mutty Lal Seal, ‘the richest and most virtuous baboo of Calcutta’. Mutty
Lall Seal or Moti Lal Seal established this bathing ghat on the bank of River Hooghly in mid- nineteenth century
alongwith other benevolent activities for Calcutta. The bathing ghat is now being neglected, under dilapidation.
This is a digitally modified version of the image uploaded to Wikipedia from family source by Chandra Nath Mullick.
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A recent photograph of the heritage bathing ghat is added here for providing clearer view of the majestic appearance of the pavilion and its poor upkeep

Mutty Lall Seal Ghat. Courtesy: Asim Kumar. Kolkata Blog