Garden House of Mr Trinks, Garden Reach, 1795

চার্লস ট্রিঙ্কস সাহেবের বাগান বাড়ি, গার্ডেন রিচ, কলকাতা, ১৬৯৫
This is a view of the Garden House in Garden Reach on the banks of the River Hooghly where Mr Charles Trinks(c.1750-1813) lived. Like this large garden houses of Calcutta were situated in this fashionable area. Charles Trinks was the organist of St. John’s Church.
Watercolour painting by Hubert Cornish (1757-1823) dating 1795.

St. Paul Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace, Calcutta,1875s

বির্জী তালাও সংলগ্ন সেন্ট পল গির্জা এবং অদুরে কলকাতা বিশপের প্রাসাদ, c১৮৭৫
St. Paul Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace Calcutta
Photographed by Samel Bourne in 1875s

Two Storey House in Cossipore, 1875

কাশীপুরে দোতলা বাগান বাড়িতে সাহেব বাসিন্দে, ১৮৭৫
Looking across the garden towards the substantial two storey house in Cossipore, a northern suburb of Calcutta. The house is designed in the classical style, and several Europeans are posed on the verandahs.
Photographer: W. G. Stretton

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