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Chowringhee – The Main European Residential Area, Calcutta, c1833

চৌরঙ্গী রোড – কলকাতার প্রধান সাহেব পাড়া, c১৮৩৩
Chowringhee Road was the principal route through the main European residential area of Calcutta. In the foreground, people tend their animals and relax in groups. These were years of enormous and largely uncoordinated growth in Calcutta, and the characteristic view of the city became one in which scenes of flourishing wealth were juxtaposed with ones of ramshackle poverty.

This lithograph is taken from plate 17 from ‘Views of Calcutta’ an album of paintings by William Wood.

Esplanade Row, Chowringhee, Calcutta: a Panoramic View, 1833

Snap 2013-10-21 at 11.17.41  এসপ্ল্যনেড রো এবং চৌরঙ্গি রোডের প্রসারিত দৃশ্য, ১ম ভাগ, ১৮৩৩

a lithograph by William Wood,