Panoramic View Of Government House and Missionary Buildings, Calcutta, 1860

অক্টারলনি মিনার থেকে উত্তরে লাট ভবনের দৃশ্য, ১৮৬০
The Government House, in the centre of the print, had been the official residence of the Governor-General since it was commissioned by Marquess Wellesley in 1798. It was made of brick covered in gleaming white plaster, and was a showpiece building for the showpiece capital of the British in India. The architect Captain Charles Wyatt (1759-1818) was an officer in the Bengal Engineers. He based his design on James Paine’s and Robert Adam’s plans for Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, which, with its central block and four detached wings linked to the centre by curving corridors, allowed good circulation of air. Four ceremonial gateways were included, two of which crossed Esplanade Row. Their design was based on Adam’s archways at Syon House in Middlesex.
This is part of the panoramic views of Calcutta from the Ochterlony Monument, taken by Samuel Bourne in the 1860s.

Panoramic View Of Chowringhee Road Across Maidan, Calcutta, 1868

অক্টারলনি মিনার থেকে ময়দান সংলগ্ন চৌরঙ্গী রোডের বিসারিত দৃশ্য, ১৮৬৮
The view looks south along Chowringhee Road with impressive array of private and public buildings on the far side of Maidan. The Monohurdass Tank in the foreground and General’s Tank beyond can be seen with sight of the spire of St Paul’s Cathedral on the skyline at the extreme right.
This is the section 7 of the ‘seven-part panorama of Calcutta from the Ochterlony Monument’ taken by Samuel Bourne in 1868.

Old Court House Street looking south, Calcutta, 1865

দক্ষিনমুখী ওল্ড কোর্টহাউস স্ট্রীট, কলকাতা, ১৮৬৫

A view of the southern end of Old Court House Street, from the north-east corner of the grounds of Government House, looking towards the Maidan and showing the classical-designed premises of various businesses on the east side of the street.

Photograph was taken by Samuel Bourne in the 1865.

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