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Shipping in the Hooghly near Fort, Calcutta, 1850

কেল্লার কাছে হুগলী নদীর জাহাজঘাট, c১৮৫০
Shipping in the Hooghly near Fort, Calcutta
Photogaphed by Capt. R. B. Hill in 1850s

The Hoogly River by Fort William, 1858

কেল্লা থেকে নদীতীরে জাহাজ চলাচলের দৃশ্য, c১৮৫৮

In its upper reaches the river is generally known as the Bhāgirathi, until it reaches Hooghly. The river was an important transportation channel in the early history of Bengal, and later with the colonial trading ports. The river’s presence is one of the reasons chosen by the British to settle there at Calcutta. The Dutch/French colony at Chandannagar on the Hooghly was once the rival of British Calcutta, but was eclipsed by Calcutta in the colonial wars of the 18th century. The river banks hosted several battles and skirmishes towards the start of the colonial era, including the Battle of Plassey Palashi, as well as earlier wars against Maratha raiders