Bank of Calcutta, 1806

ব্যাঙ্ক অফ ক্যাললাটা, ১৮০৬
The Bank of Calcutta,, a precursor to the present State Bank of India, was founded on June 2, 1806, mainly to fund General Wellesley’s wars against Tipu Sultan and the Marathas. It was the first bank of India and was renamed Bank of Bengal on 2 January 1809. In 1862, Bank of Bengal amalgamated Dacca Bank (est. 1846). The Bank started from here in 1806. At present, there is no office in this building.

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2 thoughts on “Bank of Calcutta, 1806

    1. Dear Debmalya,
      As you may find in Bengal Directory 1876, the Bank of Calcutta (in liquidation.)was situated at:
      1. New China Bazar Street. (Commences at 7, Lyons’ Range.
      I am not sure however if the Bank was located here initially. The SBI Archive may provide you with further information.


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