Pareshnath Jain Temple, Hatibagan, 1944


পরেশনাথ জৈন মন্দির, ১৯৪৪
Calcutta Parshwanath Temple is a Jain temple at Badridas Temple Street, Calcutta. The temple was built by a Marwari Shrimal Jain named Seth Badridas in 1867. Pratishtha was done by Sri Kalyansurishwarji Maharaj. The temple is dedicated to Pareshnath, who was the 23rd Jain Tirthankar, The place is famous all over that is why devout Jains from distant parts flock to the Temple precincts al round the year. The temple consists of four temples inside of it. The deity of Lord Shitalnathji is seated in the sanctum sanctorum, and his diamond-studded forehead is a major attraction for the visitors. There is a lamp, which burns with ghee inside the sanctum sanctorum, which has been continuously burning ever since the initiation of the temple since 1867. The temple exhibits extraordinary artistic tendencies that are visible in the whole pattern of the decoration of the interiors and the exteriors.
Photograph taken by Glenn S. Hensley in 1912


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