University of Calcutta Senate Hall, c1910

Snap 2013-09-19 at 21.01.56সিনেট হল, কলকাতা বিশ্ববিদ্ব্যালয়, কলকাতা, c১৯১০
The University of Calcutta was founded on January 24, 1857 with a 41-member Senate. By foundation date, it is the first institution in South Asia to be established as a multidisciplinary and secular Western style university. It had a catchment area from Lahore to Rangoon, and Ceylon. On 30 January 1858, the Syndicate of the Calcutta University started functioning. See more The classical –styled Senate House building, erected in 1872, was the first habitation of the University of Calcutta. The Senate House used to provide the venue for Senate meetings, the chamber of the Vice-Chancellor, offices of the Registrar and also examination and lecture halls. It was designed by a leading Victorian architect, Walter B. Granville, and constructed at a cost of Rs 4,34,697. The building was formally inaugurated on the convocation day: 12 March, 1873. Since then it remained one of the distinguished landmarks of the ‘city of palaces’ until the building was demolished in 1960.
The photograph was taken by Theodore Julius Hoffmann, Calcutta, in early 1910s.. See: Bengal and Assam, Behar and Orissa … By Somerset Playne, and ors.


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