Alfred East Indiaman: Sailing vessel of East India Company, 1845

ইস্ট ইন্ডিয়া কমপানির জাহাজ ‘আলফ্রেড ইস্ট ইন্ডিয়াম্যান’
This is an image of the sailing vessel, East Indiaman Alfred, which was built in 1845 by M/s Green at Blackwell. It was one of the many ships that served Honourable East India Company (HEIC). Ships of the East India Company were called East Indiamen or simply “Indiamen”.

As the Company’s empire grew more and more people were required overseas. By the latter part of the eighteenth century the Company’s ships carried nearly 1,000 passengers a year, often in damp, over crowded conditions. The ships themselves were essentially merchant ships, designed and built to carry cargoes; passengers were squeezed in wherever a space could be found.” – Memoirs of William Hickey See more

Painted by Thomas Goldsworth Dutton In c1848.
Copyright © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


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