2 thoughts on “MilitiaCavalry_Calcutta1802_GentMag

  1. Just came to know about your posts and series on Purono Kolkata from one of my senior colleagues Prof N K Majumdar. I am keen to know about development, history, social complex, economy, administration, people , culture etc of Kolkata since its inception. Hope your research and passionate work will help my interest. Regards.


    1. Dear Dr. Mandal,
      Apology for the delay in replying to your kind note of appreciation. I initiated Puronokolkata and up-keeping it because of the pleasure I get in sharing my growing resources and thoughts with my readers like you and Prof. Majumdar.

      Presently, I am looking for an early 18th century marriage record which, I guess, should be available in a Pondicherry church archive. Kindly let me know if you happen to know some young enthusiast in Pondicherry who might be willing to help my project.

      I would love to receiving your comments and feedback. Wishes to you and Prof. Majukdar


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