Empire Theatre, Calutta, 1908


এমপায়ার থিয়েটার, ১৯০৮
In 1908, Maurice Bandman built the Empire Theatre in Calcutta, which does not exist anymore. Possibly, this is the one, which was also known as the Fist Empire, as I gathered from my father long back. Accordingly, the theatre was situated in the same place where the Roxy Cinema hall stands now. In fact, the Roxy Cinema started as an Opera House. In early 1940s the house was converted into a cinema. The hall had high banisters but during this conversion stage height was removed. See Roxy Cinema History


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4 thoughts on “Empire Theatre, Calutta, 1908

  1. Dear Sir

    I am amazed by the kind of work you have been doing. I have been browsing your website and must say that it’s a remarkable work. May I ask if you have the copyright of the photographs that you have used? Or are they free to use? There is no information about that. Whom do I need to ask for permission in case I intend to use a few photographs of Calcutta theatres?
    Yours sincerely
    Dr. Vikram Singh Thakur
    Ambedkar University Delhi


    1. Thanks Dr. Thakur for your kind words. These old and rare documents are in public domain and should always be allowed for fair use by anyone anywhere. However, I think it is important to provide necessary data, like date of creation, name of creator, etc. whenever available along with the original source. It is my fault that earlier I did not do that even when data were available. The image of Calcutta’s Empire Theatre is one such instance. My apology, I did not acknowledge the site of Webb Lopez of Gibraltar
      http://www.joydiv.org/familygoingback/theatres.htm as its source.
      Warm regards


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