Manohur Doss’s Tank, Chowringhee Road. 1833

মনোহর দাসের পুকুর, চৌরঙ্গী সীমান্ত, কলকাতা, ১৮৩৩

This lithograph derives from plate 10 from William Wood’s ‘Views of Calcutta’. This view is the only one of Wood’s series to show specifically Indian-style dwellings in Calcutta. They are near the first of the large ‘tanks’, or manmade reservoirs, on the edge of the Chowringhee district. The tanks were used as a general water-supply, for bathing and washing by the inhabitants of the city. A clear view of Manohur Doss’s Tank can be seen in in the Panoramic View Of Chowringhee Road Across Maidan

This lithograph is taken from plate 10 from ‘Views of Calcutta’ – an album of paintings by William Wood.

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