Panoramic View of Esplanade Area, Calcutta, 1875


অক্টরলনি মিনার থেকে এসপ্ল্যানেড এলাকার আনুপুঙ্খিক রেখাচিত্র, ১৮৭৫
A wide-angled view of Esplanade area from the top of Ochterlony Monument, Calcutta published in the magazine, The Graphic, in 1875.
A wood engravings by some unidentified European artist.


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2 thoughts on “Panoramic View of Esplanade Area, Calcutta, 1875

  1. This engraving is based on a photograph by Samuel Bourne in 1868, taken from the Ochterlony Monument with 6 more panoramic view taken from there. One is posted here next to this.


    1. I thank you for your helpful suggestion. Please let me know the source for exploring further. There were several panoramic photographers. Unless we find a reliable evidence it is difficult for us to accept any of the probable names. Bourne took seven-part panorama of Calcutta from the Ochterlony Monument in 1868. the photograph, which looks south along Chowringhee Road, with the Monohardass Tank in the foreground, has the same road view, but taken from slightly different angle. On the other hand, Francis Frith captured the panoramic view of the same road, from the Monument. His view perfectly matched with the image published in Graphics’. Frith was a French photographer visited India around 1850-1860. I reproduce here the photograph for your considered opinion. My wishes
      Francis Frith. Panoramic view of Maidan from Monument


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