Saint Anne Church, Old Fort William, Calcutta, c1730

সেন্ট অ্যান গির্জা, পুরনো ফোর্ট উইলিয়াম কেল্লা, কলকাতা, c১৭৩০
The Church of St Anne, which stood immediately outside the fort before the east curtain wall, was consecrated on June 5, 1709. Little over a decade, In 1722, the Church needed a thorough repair as the beams supporting its roof became rotten and its Top was in danger of falling in. Two years after, The Church received a great damage by a terrible lightning on September, 1724 night that warranted another restoration work to prevent its falling. During the temporary occupation of Calcutta by the troops of the Mughal, the English Settlement was wantonly wrecked, and St. Ann’s, the first English Church, was reduced to a heap of ruins.The site of the demolished church and the adjoining plot were granted to Thomas Lyon in 1776, after whom Lyons Range is named, to construct buildings to accommodate the junior servants of the East India Company or the “writers”.
Oil on canvas, attributed to George Lambert (circa 1700-1765), English painter,c1730


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4 thoughts on “Saint Anne Church, Old Fort William, Calcutta, c1730

  1. I am slowly reading my way through your blog! It is fascinating!
    I have a question – you wouldn’t by any chance have pictures of the memorial tablets in St. Pauls Cathedral? I have recently unearthed a book called “Indian Monumental Inscriptions, Vol. 1, Bengal” compiled in 1896 by C.R. Wilson, M.A., of the Bengal Education Service.It focuses mainly on Calcutta and it mentions several plaques from 1857. Was a bit chilling since I recently wrote about some of the people the plaques commemorate – I was not aware until I read the book that memorials exist to them. I also have some old pictures of Calcutta that might interest you. Honestly, your site is wonderful, I am thrilled to have found it!


    1. A warm welcome to you, Eva, to puronokolkata. I would be more than happy if the readings were found delightful or helpful in any way. I visited your site and liked the kind of work you are doing. I have no idea where you can possibly get images of the memorial tablets in St Paul Cathedral. The monumental inscriptions found in St Paul’s however have been recorded in The Bengal Obituary [Calcutta: Holmes, 1851] , You can download this treasure trove, if needed.
      Yes, I have an undying interest in old Calcutta images. Very best wishes


      1. Thank you!! I would very much like to share the pictures I have found – many of them are however on the following site:
        I think you might find them interesting!
        Thank you very much for the link to the book! It is one I have not seen before.
        Do you know the following books:
        “Good Old Days of Honorable John Company” by W.H. Carey. There are three volumes all available on It is an interesting insight into a time long gone.
        I hope to visit Kolkata again in the near future, to find the excellent mishti doi I remember from my childhood and to walk the streets of a city I have such fond memories of. It is such a fascinating city.


      2. Hello Eva,
        Thanks for sending the Getty link to their well-documented image collections. You must be now engrossed in reading Carey’s reminiscences. It is indeed a wonderful collection he compiled from newspapers and other publications. Good to know of your intending visit. You will certainly miss lots of things Kolkata had offered you to cherish, but believe me, the city still has many specials to greet you. Warm wishes


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