Steuart and Company : House, Manufactory and Bazar, Tank Square, 1795

Steuart and Company Coachworks,1795স্টুয়ার্ট কোম্পানির দপ্তর, কারখানা, লালবাজার, কলকাতা, ১৭৯৫
Aquatint depicting buildings in Calcutta, published by Francis Jukes in 1795 as part of King George III’s Topographical Collection. This aquatint, engraved by Francis Jukes, was based on an original drawing made for James Steuart, who was head of a firm of coachmakers in Calcutta. The premises of his firm, Steuart and Company, are seen here, located behind the Old Court House where they remained from 1783 to 1907. The Old Court House was knocked down in 1792, allowing the artist to capture a clear view down the Old Court House Street. As there were few suitable roads, the demand for coaches was relatively low. Instead, the company made palanquins and even elephant harnesses. It has been suggested that Francois Baltazard Solvyns, the artist from Antwerp who was in Calcutta from 1791, may have executed the original drawing. He is known to have painted palanquins made by Steuart’s firm. See BL

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