Calcutta River View, with Sailing Ships, 1890s

হুগলী নদীতে জাহাজ চলাচলের দৃশ্য, ১৮৯০
Square-rigged sailing ships moored in the Hooghly off the Maidan, Calcutta with the High Court visible in the distance to the north. The nearest vessel is the three-masted ship Glengarry of Liverpool; local craft can be seen in foreground. Calcutta is a city and port in eastern India. The port provided access from the sea to the hinterland of Bengal, India’s richest province. In little more than half a century the original trading port grew into a considerable city, clustered round the Company’s fort. The modern port was commissioned on 17 October 1870 under the Calcutta Port Act and went on to become the premier port in British India.Photograph from the Elgin Collection: ‘Spring Tours 1894-98’, taken by Bourne and Shepherd in the 1890s.


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2 thoughts on “Calcutta River View, with Sailing Ships, 1890s

  1. I am retracing my grandfathers voyage from Kolkata to Fiji taken in 1897 and seek permission for this photo with full acknowledgement and links to your site. It isnot intended for commercialuse


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