United Service Club, Calcutta, 1850s

ইউনায়িটেড সার্ভিস ক্লাব, চৌরঙ্গি রোড, কলকাতা, c১৮৫০
General view of the classical building, housing the United Services Club. “Was formerly styled the Bengal Military Club, the members of which were limited to the I.C.S. and military services. As time, however, moved on and things changed they found that this particular form of exclusiveness was rather an expensive luxury, and very wisely threw open wide the heavenly portals and admitted within their celestial and sacred precincts members of other government services, save and except those of the Bengal pilots. Why the club ever made this invidious distinction, of course I cannot say, but at a later period, recognising possibly the injustice of their action, they rescinded their prohibition, and now the pilots sit in the seats of the mighty amongst the members of the other services. The club house, as many people will recollect, originally stood on the site of Chowringhee Mansions. It was quite an ordinary looking dwelling enclosed by a brick-wall skirting Chowringhee Road, and the building extended for some little distance down Kyd Street” – Recollections of Calcutta. Massey. 1918
Photograph taken from Chowringhee Road by Francis Frith in 1850s.

See a comparable photograph taken by W. G. Stretton taken in the 1870s


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