Government Houses

Fort William, Calcutta, 1754

Old Customs House, Tank Square, Calcutta, c1758

artist name
Council House [Old], Calcutta, 1764

Fort William, Calcutta, 1781

Writers Buildings - Calcutta (Kolkata) 1885
Writers’ Buildings, Tank Square, Calcutta, 1786

Old Fort Ghat, Calcutta, c1787

Summer House of the Governor General, Barrackpore, 1807

East India House, Leadenhall Street, London, c1817

Jaun Bazaar Street, Chowringhee, Calcutta, c1833

Bengal Artillery Mess House, Barrackpore, 1850

Residence of Governor General, Barrackpore, 1858

Government House and missionary buildings, Calcutta.
Panoramic View Of Government House and Missionary Buildings, Calcutta, 1860

Government House, Dalhousie Square, 1860

Esplanade and Government HouseLarge 1863
Esplanade and Government House, Calcutta, 1863

General Post Office, Calcutta 1885
Calcutta General Post Office, Dalhousie Square, 1864

Government House – Gateway, Calcutta, 1865

Telegraph Office, Hare Street, Dalhousie Square, 1878

Currency Office in Dalhousie Square - Calcutta (Kolkata) 1878
Money Currency Office, Dalhousie Square East, c1878

Chowringhee gate Fort William an albumen photo, 1880's
Fort William’s Chowringhee Gate, Gobindapur, Calcutta, c1880

Bengal Telephone Company, Calcutta, 1883

Ordnance Building , Esplanade Row East, 1912

Fort William – Rampart Barracks, Calcutta, c1915

East Indian Railway, Fairlie Place, Calcutta, c1925

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